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House In The Village To Be With The Furnace! Part 1 .

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Even at the grandparents influenced civilization! Now sometimes easier to gas than to find a good stove to oven resigned "to the conscience." Fireplace – it's certainly a wonderful interior decoration. In our room, too, is a fireplace, but in corner of the kitchen is our beauty – Russian oven. Immediately after the move, we also wanted to demolish it, but it turned out to be so many advantages that the hand was raised. How nice dank autumn evening or a harsh winter to come up with a walk and to warm their bones on the stove. I do not think we wasted our ancestors were so strong, healthy and hardy. Do not forget about your roots, what we do not have the glamor conjures west. Stopping in the house with stove heating is the probability that the furnace is not all right.

Do not worry, your stove can be saved. First, consider the reason. In this article I'll show you how to eliminate the most common problems furnace. Among the most frequently occurring faults furnaces include: a weakening of traction in the pipe and smoke ovens otsyrevanie chimney and leak out of it. The reasons for the weakening of traction in the furnace can be: 1.

Clogged and overgrown with soot and chimneys, collapse and blockage of channels crumbling masonry or mortar. An urgent need to clean the canals and through the chimney clean outs, damper or valve tube. Violation of the density of masonry stove or chimney with the formation of cracks, resulting in inward furnace or leaking pipe outside air, the cooling combustion gases.