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The Universe

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– The knowledge of the next universe, for greater or minor, is more inaccessible than the time of existence of this universe, which we belong, can providing in them in the evolution of ours to know. Being thus its form/constitution (next universe) is much more unattachable that ours limited imagination. To put, if does not worry, ' ' ours universo' ' still he is very bigger and more complex of what it can travel our lucubraes The incredible union of atoms for the formation of a star, a flower, a virus, a man, etc, is part of the same principle of an only existence. The certainty is that in that we will be able to try to survive (of the hydrogen ovens to the stability of the iron of helium to the Uranian one and very, not to explore, to discover) we will be in what the respect is our origin is of this nor conjecturas. General summary: 1) – Of where we came? The reply it is super Simple: The Universe is INFINITE, it known or visualized universe (that it can have had its origin in a big-bang etc., to be a repetitive and closed cycle or to be in expansion, does not matter), but yes ' ' SPACE ABSOLUTO' ' , in which a ceiling always will be ' ' Contido' ' in another one.

For minor INFINITELY, what we call in ' ' atuais' ' knowledge as fragmentos of subpartculas (quarks, glons, neutrinos) or of pure energy, forces but that ' ' it could always be divisvel' ' to contain another system, and for greater is simple multiplicativa logic. Thus to put to be in an Infinite Space in all the directions, nothing Enters or Leaves. In the origin it does not have the verb to create, ' ' but existe' ' , we are only ' ' Um' '.