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The Last Red Bull Blowing

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The international motoring Federation (FIA) seems emperrada to do formula 1 fans to be passed to the football, motorcycling or handball. That is the only logical explanation when trying to make sense of the gibberish that has become the standard that should be deployed this weekend at the Silverstone Circuit, and, at the discretion of many, it would subtract potential at Red Bull. For more than two years, the team of Milton Keynes marks the rhythm of the Championship thanks to the magic that comes out of the strokes of Adrian Newey, who has achieved the perfect balance between speed and grip in the RB7. And that is thanks to the recovery of blown escapes, a system that was already used in the 1980s and who motivates that car will accede to the cement as if your tires were Velcro. Source of the news:: the final blowing of Red Bull


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