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Problems building intended for housing construction at the moment, may not be interested in only those who are already there and an apartment and own a house. For those who have not yet been able to acquire country houses or even just a place to stay may have a problem, the problem of building a house in any case is of great personal interest. Talking about modern building materials, for the moment we can consider different point of view with regard to their positive and negative characteristics. For example, most low-cost solution – it's concrete blocks or the original ecological fashion pressed blocks of hay. And yet, in the first case of naturalness will not have to talk, while the second referred to – on the strength and durability, you can forget it. The optimal solution is in development – a wooden house made of logs.

In fact, made of wood house – it is environmentally friendly, reliable, and with the attractive and comfortable. And it's almost what you want solutions. Also made of wood house – it is in principle not very expensive, because the tree – this is one of the leading used in construction materials in the natural environment. Our ancestors for centuries built of wood, but today wood – is a significant addition and guarantor protection, since the quality of flame retardants over the years only increases. In addition to fire protection, built of wood house is worth noting such a valuable aspect of the lack of the chemical composition of building materials hazardous to human elements. No kind of noxious fumes, natural concrete and other structures , no allergy-triggering substances in the embodiment of specks and small particles, no light.

Yet the wording such as "what we need build a house – namalyuem – we live ", not absolutely meet the reality. In reality, the construction of suburban homes – cottages – this is not an elementary. Naturally, we can choose a simple beam with a diameter hardly amounts to eighteen cm and then put out of insulating material, then the so-called battens or siding, and yet such a cottage would not particularly natural. Ideally, the correct use tridtsatisantimetrovy timber that has a chance to use without additional insulation. And yet, for this is required and a reliable building material, and reliable manufacturers who at harvesting, drying and impregnation timber complied with without exception, required technical standards. It is important also attentive to the choice of wood species. Say, are often used in residential construction pine, because of its low cost. But the plain pine has some special features: logging must be done in a certain period, to within a timber was filled with tree resin. Filled with resin, wood actually longer time is, moreover, the resin is a natural fence for the bugs, and moisture. Anyway, trying to build a house, you need to refer to craftsmen, who is not the first season of work for the market segment. In this version you gain the opportunity to really get strong and has a long service life house.


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