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Suspended Ceilings Or Stretch ?

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Finishing materials market today is very high. For walls there are dozens of kinds of wallpaper, which include millions of models for hundreds of species of flooring coverings, ceilings are also not spared by the designers and engineers – they dozens of species. Finding your way among a dozen kinds of ceilings – not a simple task. It is necessary to distinguish two main types of ceilings – is false ceilings and stretched. Suspended ceilings can be of different types: mirrored ceilings, Pinion, cassette, of Mineral Ceilings, Gypsum, "grilyato. Stretch ceilings are mainly differ in the coat. At the heart of suspended ceilings is framed structure on which are mounted separate modules.

Stretch Ceilings are made of special pvc film, which is attached to the frame, made of pvc profile and aluminum. The ceiling of the vinyl film around the perimeter of the heated, resulting in it becomes an even spanned cloth. There is also a ceiling painting on fabric-based, it is attached without heating. Stretch ceiling usually consists of a single piece of cloth, or, if the floor space of a few large, in a certain way fastened together. When choosing between the suspended ceiling and stretch should be guided by the nature of the premises in which it will be located. If you need constant access to the Ceiling space, then suspended ceilings – not suitable for you, but the ceilings are quite suitable, since they are simply dealt with and dismantled, allowing access to the ceiling. So there are some nuances related to a car wash ceilings – Suspended ceilings in the main wash is more complicated. I stretched ceilings has a good advantage over suspended ceilings – if you "floods drown" top neighbors – all the water is delayed by stretch ceiling, not allowing flood apartment, but have suspension systems have an owl, plus – it's possible to install them on the street that is not always possible with respect to the tension flows. As you can see the choice between false ceilings and stretched to do every man, every kind of ceiling has its advantages and disadvantages, so that when choosing a ceiling should proceed from the specific environment where it will be a ceiling, physical features and design decisions.


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