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Armstrong Ceilings

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Such ceilings have a panel design. In this case, the panels have openings of various shapes: oval, square, round, hexagonal, etc. Tiled or bitmap ceilings – they made of fiberglass, mineral fiber or gypsum. Mounting plates are characterized by high readiness that allows you to easily and quickly set design, as well as provide easy access to the Ceiling space. Panel ceilings.

This pendant design with pressed plates. This type of ceiling is easiest to assemble and mount it can even be their own, assembling prefabricated ceilings similar to the mounting rack ceilings. In addition, the tiled ceiling is quite impressive lifespan – 15-25 years. The greatest freedom of the designer ceilings provides the material – polystyrene. These ceilings can be of any shape, such ceilings will help to highlight zones of the room and create a beautiful spatial compositions. Ceilings are made of polystyrene are low cost, their assembly is simple and convenient. Their wide color gamut provides significant savings time and money, and most importantly to realize the most ambitious design ideas.

For ease of installation and design can be distinguished Dutch Ceilings Armstrong. Armstrong Ceilings consist of metal guides that are attached to the supporting hangers ceiling. Further, the rails are laid tape. The ceilings are easy to install and can be installed in the premises of any configuration. Armstrong Ceilings have excellent characteristics: sufficient strength, resistance to damage, durability, high shumopogloschaemostyu. By design decision, "Armstrong" hold the classical scheme of plate ceiling. If you want to show imagination and create a unique pattern on the ceiling or to mount a multi-level ceiling with curved transitions, to make an integrated lighting, in short, to apply the design solution, it is advisable to give preference to design ceilings LETO. Designer ceilings LETO allow maximum Get creative and create a unique design on the ceiling. You can choose any material: from the textured surface to the lattice panels and geometric patterns. Colours ceilings LETO will realize even the most courageous decisions of designers. Possible images: RIVILO Arseniy Lionovich, Slow Motion Anton Zavgorodny, ARMONIA 0004, PETTEILE 0005, TEMPESTA 0009, ONDA 0010, COLLINA 0011, OSCILLAZIONI 0012, DROPS 0013, PALA 001 This designer ceilings, as well as ceilings with a classic design, are reliable, practical, reduce noise and retain the possibility to access the ceiling space. Design ceiling can be applied not only in offices and apartments, but also in areas with a complex design – restaurants, bars, discotheques, shopping facilities, hotels, etc. Suspended ceilings do not require special care, the basic rule – to ensure ventilation of ceiling space. Ceilings – this is not a normal part of the interior, but the whole universal design, which gives the room an aesthetic modern look. LETO company provides your choice Designer ceilings for all types of premises. Ceilings LETO – a modern and practical design solution, which gives any interior style and beauty, and ensures ease of operation and safety.


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