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Guardian Council Apartment

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If not – please specify when the be released. In the case where the owners just sold an apartment, it is best if they are discharged to the sales transaction. If they are just like you change a flat, then they will be discharged to an alternative apartment after the sales transaction. Is there a property or minor children are registered. Many refuse these options for fear that children may eventually challenge the right of the apartment. Yes this is possible, if children's rights will be infringed.

Permission for the purchase and sale of real estate, in which children are the owners or register gives the board of trustees. If this permission, then there is nothing to fear. Obtaining permission to Guardian Council will take a period of 2 weeks to a month. Time for selecting the alternatives and reach a deal you have is limited. Check whether you have time to date. If not, you should discuss with the buyer the possibility of extending the advance agreement. One last important point.

Ask what the situation is the seller selected an alternative apartment. The best option if the apartment just sold, so-called 'Free sale'. The owner needs money. If so, after the advance payment for an apartment, all the parties begin preparations for the transaction. If the seller, as you change your apartment, you will have to wait until he will select alternative currently. And not the fact that this version will be free. It may happen, and so that the owners of the apartment you chose, travel to some areas.


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