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The desire to dance has not disappeared, but has only increased … But the opportunities and facilities is not. I missed a whole year and Once, while at work I decided to recall a couple of moves. My friend saw it and offered to meet with the boy, who is engaged, it can take me to her. So I got a new team to break dance. And then you ask, as it relates to premises for dance classes? Simply, these guys are doing in a room provided by their host university. They talked to the leadership about the possibility of providing facilities, and it has agreed to help them, they simply required to periodically perform activities to the university. Continue to learn more with: Meadow Bank Designs.

And this is doubly positive, because then other people will see what you have achieved and perhaps you'll wake in them a desire to dance. Many dancers belong to the category Students, therefore, as an option may be asked to guide the university to help you. Danced a little more than six months, I had to stop dancing for some reason (training etc.), but after almost a year and a half I have some friends unrealistic desire to return to dancing and dancing. And again, I see a familiar question: "Where?". "We have to look for accommodation": – we think.

And we go to two places near us. Namely, in the Youth Center where we meet a prescribed a few days with the director, and, having decided to insure themselves, we're going straight to the Youth Committee of our district, where we are ready to provide accommodation, with the proviso that we will be more willing to teach and dance. But advised to wait, and suddenly the Youth Center will provide the room, just where conditions are better. And here comes the day of the meeting, I go there and just get a bunch of positive news that we allocate room for dancing on the same terms that We will train applicants. "Of course, we !!!- I said, and hastened to inform the rest of the news. So, I went back to dancing. Now retrained to break dance to hip-hop, etc. veyving and the way, when he studied hip Hop shortage of advice and so on, so I've decided to create my life and fill him with them – hipshops.ru So, where can find a place for dancing lessons: 1.DK, clubs and schools. 2.VUZy. 3.KDM, Youth Centers. 4.Arenda premises. "The dance – the most sublime, the most touching and beautiful of the arts, because it is not just an expression or a distraction from life, is life itself. " (Havelock Ellis) So live, dance and good luck in your endeavors, and promotions …


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