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However, every good scientist must recognize reality and the importance of emotion and reason in order to do science, relies on the logic, but also in the inspiracion, intuition, faith, love of beauty and other specific arts. The current state of the resulting technological progress of science, to be very important for the world, it is much less than the intellectual and spiritual progress that science can contribute to accelerate. Wisdom comes from a balanced knowledge and scientific methods not only increase such knowledge, but help to balance with-secucion science is helping mankind to develop intellectual honestidad, learn to see the truth with objectivity and reduce prejui-cios weighing the facts only after the observation. Science confirms the fact that we live in a universe that is in cons-tant evolution. It transmits to the men who have read your message the reason for the endless posibilidades of human progress. The slow accumulation of human experience has resulted in an uneven but progresivo increase of those spiritual cua-townships which are of the utmost importance for the man and have a great value of survival for the species: love, integrity, humility, sympathy and espe-ranza. Spiritual values are slowly distilled from the interaction of the juntitos-to, emotion and thought, which, as we have seen, depend on the orga-nismo of man, which in turn is conditioned by their environment, which ultimately on the properties of the materia des-cansa.

It is not difficult for the science hom-bre to see God’s hand in the models that protons, neutrons and elec-trones adopt to form atoms, and that these adopted to form the molecules to form cells, the cells to the tissues formar, organs and bodies, and these social para-added sea. Science influences our understanding of all this. Inclu-so if you want to describe the eternal truths as spiritual values superimposed on the character of the man desde a hidden inner universe, science has much to offer to interpret it.


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