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The common problem is application of function glasses in the reduction of to boost another property. Such as use of Sun protection glass, day light output reduces the share and the use of heat insulating glasses has the reduction of solar heat yields the result. A constructive and material and thus also financial overhead at all-glass facades, such as the second skin facade can reduce some specific problems such as intrusion of outside noise and overheating something, shows but due to increased costs and Area or room losses & a. is not the ideal solution. In turn, single all-glass facade would be, regardless of which functional glass is used, above-mentioned fraught issues with others and a building with the facade would work without air conditioning systems or electric lighting even in the sunshine, hardly realistic Habitat.

In the area of building renovation, the problem is similar, where here the creative and constructive space is smaller. Since restoration of the transparent facade surfaces in most cases is Exchange of Windows with low thermal insulation or low leakage etc. for new window with better values, the energetic value improvement of the window reduced almost exclusively on better insulation values and smaller heat transmission. The solar use is therefore limited or there is little and a sustainable, energy-efficient indoor climate without AIDS such as ventilation systems hardly feasible. So techniques, structures, and systems are design necessary, allow for a new and energy requirements can be met holistically and organically and rehabilitation more get than just a better thermal insulation and lower transmission heat loss. The technology and design of facades must have all of the requirements for the task and solve them relating to individual topics. You should connect energy benefits of the previously known designs, techniques and building materials with the creative freedom and exclude known and possible disadvantages in this respect.


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