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A theoretical contribution to the study of computer-mediated communication food, April 14, 2009 the Essen received studies on semiotics and communication research again increase. 28 contribution of the book series laid at Shaker in the trade is now available with the new release of first impression from second hand”. Author Sascha Postner deals with interpersonal encounters in avatar-based online worlds in this band. In the case of second life, he pointed what socio perceptive contact options available to users in three-dimensional virtual worlds available and what impact this may have on computer-mediated communication. While second life has now largely disappeared from the media interest, many communication scientific questions remain to some extent in the present paper are edited and are also for the interaction in other virtual worlds, such as such as world of Warcraft or Habbo Hotel of importance. In addition to the structuring of interaction, such as reinsurance of mutual phenomena Among other things the social impression formation mechanisms are attention, attention.

So, for example, the effects of facial expressions, clothing and sex in virtual worlds, views are discussed and analyzed. Based on these findings the book devoted to the question of whether communication in virtual space as compared to face-to-face communication as the deficit is, or the compensatory abilities of users dominate the interaction in addition. Here succeeds in obtaining an own position the author, that other forms of communication and species can make a valuable contribution for the research. First impression of second hand”is a recommended reading not only for the scientifically interested, even everyday secular readers coming at this book at their own expense. Readers unfamiliar with online communication in virtual worlds are ushered through many situational and plastic examples and descriptions in the subject. The series Essen studies on semiotics and communication research relies on the institutional Merger of three editors, Prof. Dr. H.W..

Schmitz, Prof. Dr. Achim Eschbach and Prof. Dr.