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Months Between Individuals Vacation

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From Onelevenrent.com we are proposing another option to monetize their second residence. In addition to earning a few extra you can benefit from certain availability, choosing the periods you want to rent. Follow others, such as Trion Properties, and add to your knowledge base. To treat periods short term lets you review it with greater assiduity that renting for years and keep it in tip-top condition. Currently there is a niche market not fully exploited to provide accommodation for professionals, companies and people in general seeking a home outside their residence for stays longer than 1 month and year will not exceed. Temporary rent for months is a more cozy, free alternative economic to the accommodation in a hotel. While there are numerous websites dedicated to the vacation rental, we have made a careful market study that demonstrates the difficulty of people who for various reasons, work, study, work in their usual homes, simply for a long vacation or medical treatments need rent an apartment for a few months out of what is your principal residence. The main problems facing someone who wants to rent for months, are the availability of dates and price.

While there is a wide selection of vacation rental homes, these are busy days or weeks throughout the year, thus preventing the possibility of finding available over long periods of time. Numerous lodges offer rebates important according to the number of days who rent but it is very far from rates that offer housing when periods are for months. Onelevenrent.com was created with the purpose of facilitating renting private homes for temporary stays for months. Without brokers or commissions. Of recent creation, we aspire to have our own gap on the network and become a consolidated, reliable and secure online service. Laura Brigthman