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Currently the State of Arizona has approximately over thousand properties that are in execution process mortgage, a fact that creates a great opportunity for all those people who are looking for the perfect opportunity to buy a cheap house. But how to buy an auction house or a House with a mortgage process of execution in Arizona? This State permits that they are carried out, in all its cities, processes of execution within the courts and out of them. When foreclosure is judicial manner, i.e. when it is done by means of demand because the borrower has not met the mortgage payments, it implies that the order of a judge or court is required for is sold in auction house. This auction process does not have any special characteristic, i.e., be carried out in common, being way as well as the property owner who makes the best offer or whoever is the highest bidder. When foreclosure is not judicial, i.e.

because the borrower stipulated with your lender a power of sale or deed-in trust, the sale occurs when the borrower does not comply with what has been agreed and cannot pay the value of the remaining balance owed on that loan. This sale will be conducted through publications in local newspapers of Arizona State; they usually appear during one month and only once per week. If you want to know the location of these auction houses or houses for sale by lenders, i.e. If you want to know which houses are now in Phoenix, Tucson, Mesa, Avondale, Glendale, Chandler, Scottsdale, Buckeye and other cities of the State of Arizona, you must try to investigate the lists of auction houses located in each city courts or hire the services of a broker or real estate agent that can inform you like finding them and process It should be followed in every one of those purchases.