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You Can Dream That The Lottery Numbers Will Help You Win

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You probably believe that dreams can predict the future and that has some sort of psychic ability. Perhaps, one day, you dream about, with the jackpot, and live the rest of your life immensely wealthy. It could happen, right? Bullshit. The dreams that predict the future have never been proven scientifically. Of course, you all probably had those moments of deja vu and think something should happen. But when she had thousands of dreams, like everyone else, there will inevitably, moments of deja vu, it’s just the rule of large numbers and it happens to everyone. Not only that, dreams that predict the future only contradict the laws of nature.

It can not happen. But we’ve all heard stories of lottery winners who claimed to have dreamed of lottery numbers and have woken up, have written and then go on to win the lottery jackpot. Of course, this could happen, but not for the reason that you may be thinking. There is probably statistics about how many people actually took this kind of sleep. It’s probably not thousands but millions.

Think about this: if a million people dream of the lottery numbers and use them to play, the options are pretty high that one of those people actually win the lottery. And when you hear the news story, it is surprising. But there is nothing wrong with it. Again, it is the law of large numbers working. It was supposed to happen that way. Do you still believe you have psychic abilities to dream of winning lottery numbers? I hope not. But do not let that stop you, keep on dreaming and keep playing the lottery. I shall be very glad if you really win a day.