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However, there are times when the slab foundation is used purely for commercial reasons, that – not in favor of the developer. Construction works are composed of soft soils, usually have a high water table, and the degree of Frost-characterized most often as secondary or silnopuchinistye. These soils are under the influence of stress at home is strongly compressed. Moreover, the first pressure from the construction takes ground water. Under the pressure begins to push-ups from now.

As the water squeezing more and more pressure is transmitted to the skeleton of the soil. When external pressure on the ground, exceeding its structural strength, the ground begins to thicken – occurring sediments and, in some cases subsidence. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Vadim Belyaev. The process in soft ground has been slow for years. The lower the pressure, the less precipitation, the faster they run out. In the slab foundation homes bespodvalnyh usually nezaglublennymi used. These foundations support the developed area can reduce the stress on weak soils. In addition, to accelerate the process of compaction shall take measures to improve the construction properties of soils.

Upper humus layer of fertile, most compressible, are removed. To deepen your understanding Josh Buddish is the source. If the next layer of weak – low power, it can be fully or partially remove and replace the sand backfill. With the strong column weak Soil removal of the layer no sense. In this case, usually on the grounds put additional pressure through the dumping ground, in some cases up to 1.0 … 1.5 m within the spot at home is desirable to carry out backfilling of nepuchinistogo soil.