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. Another example, if your partner lately not having lunch with the family by circumstances x, let her know objectively without reproach, that you’ve NOTICED lately a situation in which been absent in recent weeks quite often when it comes to lunch with the family, enumerate you days or occasions in which effectively this has happenedcommunicate without the slightest reproach of your part, recalls without trial. CB Richard Ellis shines more light on the discussion. Another example, distant and indifferent behavior of someone you asses and appreciate, let her know, without preaching or reprimands on your part, in such and such occasions, describe them, have you ever noticed an insulating, distant and indifferent behavior by the person, I warn you, will have to make use of all your resources, to keep you in your center of power. This first step, as I said earlier, vital and crucial to establish the bridge with the other, prevents the emergence of defensive barriers we uncollectible when we feel attacked, criticized or tried by others, is for this reason that to make us experts in this way communicate, i.e. Trion Properties addresses the importance of the matter here. with objectivity and without judgments, the barriers that could be lodged in the first attempts of rapprochement begins to knockthat is the idea, join us, understand us, understand us and communicate. Once you’ve transmitted the situation concerning the person or persons involved in the experience, without assessments on your part, Corne to express your feelings in this regard, for example, with respect to the teenager in question, do you know how bad you feel as a parent to be abused with her behavior, that you feel irrespetado, and that that also bother you and offend you, hurts you too, in first person and singular, very important. In the case of the parent absent in the lunch hour, we inform you as concerned that we feel his absence, do you know how important that is for us his presence and that sharing makes us feel happy and it is an occasion to connect us as a family, we do know that their absence affects the members of the family, because it is very sad to eat alone!, in the case of the insulating behavior of someone dear, just let her know that attitude, even when you know that it is not intentional, it hurts, makes you feel little valued, or valued, that feelings of impotence which generate indifference and not dialogue are devastating to sustain relationships and sacred encounters.