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I am sorry to disappoint them, but that does not work, it is like wanting to the law of gravity works for you to your own liking making a rite or putting in practice an esoteric recipe! never work! It is a universal law, one that most people use bad and against her. Now, in response to all those questions above, I have to say that the answers are much deeper and lengthy of what you believe, I can only tell you what Joe Vitale recommended and I learned in one of his books, something that struck me and that shook me mentally. Joe says that to win, that the law of attraction one must be cleaned of bad emotions, bad feelings, resentment, envy and above all doubts, but what has to do with the law of attraction? Good Joe mentions that we will not achieve that LDA works for us if we feel any doubt, Act by envy, greed, or resentment. All that blocks the law of attraction, it blocks your success, your life, why, he makes this claim if you think you’ve cleaned of all this and still not get the money you want, the health that you want, the love that you are looking for, then the reason is very simple, even NO TE HAS CLEANED of everything that you blocked. Is that the foregoing not liked to many who are looking for recipes and esoteric rituals for money, magical formulas to win or sell more, I’m sorry, this is the reality, and it is by that I have experienced, only when I have sought to do what excites me, do what I like, discard the bad vibes I’ve begun to enjoy life and I have begun to make money. And that is why I put in practice a philosophy that developed from very young in my life and a phrase that repetia as litany, I now turned it into a book where I help people who could not cleaned is their negative emotions to achieve it, as I’ve accomplished (seeks the best revenge is success) I’m seeing the result of putting in practice this philosophy of lifeI am taking away all these disappointments and resentments I had in my life – and it is not easy let me tell you – but worth it. There will always be people who will tell you that this is a fraud, which is a lie, that do not It works, but what happens is that they are not willing to leave their comfort zone, they are not willing to pay the price for the benefits of LDA.