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What Does Make The Backpack ?

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Material for the manufacture of a backpack is chosen based on the model and purpose. If it's a simple urban backpack, it is often canvas or nylon. This is quite a strong fabric that can withstand large enough weight, for example, the weight of textbooks, laptops, small electronics and other things that may be useful in human gorode.Esli backpack female, then, as a rule, the following materials: leather, fabric (including bright colors and a mix of different textures), ie almost the same fabric used in traditional tailoring bags. However, the material should pay special attention when it comes to travel backpack. Because of its quality, often depends on a person's life. The material should be very strong, durable, should not miss the moisture and dust. The backpack is usually sewn from synthetic fabrics, which are specially designed for extreme conditions.

The most famous types of fabric – Cordura (nylon version) and Oxford. Cordura fabric is more dense and durable, and a backpack from a fabric holds shape well, quite resistant to moisture. Oxford backpack made of a material is very easy to fold, respectively, backpack more compact, which in some cases is crucial. There are other materials that are developed with the latest technology, even with nanorazrabotok. This rugged fabric is very light and easy to clean. But the price of a backpack made of such material is much higher than that of traditional travel. Also pay attention to threads that are used in sewing a backpack.

Strength and thickness of the yarn shall comply with the material from which it is made. Otherwise, in operation, the following bad points: the backpack can disperse at the seams when the thread is thinner and its strength is less than that of the material. When reverse situation can occur laceration. Therefore, choosing a backpack for myself, whether tourist or city, pay attention to the quality of its manufacture.