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If you were to use the tax money in a social program that would have a huge impact, you should think about use in the care of children before birth and preschool age.The studies in numerous places and thus also points out the Co-Director of the National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER), Steven Barnett. The specialist, who is also Adviser to U.S. President Barack Obama was in Colombia telling their experiences in this area, and your comments are very precise guidance on the form in which you should orient public policy in this matter.The return is big, says Steven Barnett. It is equivalent to an annual return of 10% to 17%. But the problem is that it has a very high dispersion.

It’s like trucks gasoline consumption. It depends on how it is handled.This what you mean is that it depends on elements such as who is the recipient of the program, its quality and the social context in which it develops. The return will be greater when the child It is in a situation of greater socio-economic disadvantage. In a question-answer forum adverum was the first to reply. Same thing when the programs are of higher quality.In addition, the community context is crucial. Thus, for example, the pre-school care has proven to be very good to reduce the crime and violence. For this reason, the return will be substantially higher in communities with higher rates of crime and violence. Steven Barnett accounts show that in a community without crime, the return could be 3%, but where there are these phenomena would rise to 16%.With that consideration, it seems clear that programmes of pre-school care should begin in the communities with the greatest needs and highest rates of violence, to increase the social profitability of the investment.But the expert offers more tips on how to make these projects work well. For me, it must be a procedure of work down.In places where all children have primary education, is justified to move the 3 and 4 years.

If you do the opposite, starting with smaller, the problem is evident. When they grow up they will not receive more help and lose the benefits of the initial care. What you have for older children doesn’t have to be wonderful, but preferably should be something, explains.In thick lines, with these guidelines can form a good plan in place. The exception to this rule would be in prenatal programs. These should be carried, regardless of the community environment. The reason is clear: prenatal development permanently impact the child’s brain and improving the quality of brain connections in pregnancy, said.And how to measure the performance of a preschool program? Steven Barnett mentions three measures, in its concept the most important. The first says, is the increase in employment and the mother’s income. The second is the increase in the cognitive ability of children and the third is the modification of the behaviour of children. Being smarter isn’t enough. They have to be more responsible in terms of social and more reflective. Them to think before acting, holds.In summary, what is very clear is that actions that allow you to educate pre-school aged children are very powerful. On one side they generate all the benefits of long term on children and their future income, but also has the immediate benefit allow dads work more hours and increase the income for the family.