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What is an e-book? If we translate directly from English is e-book. But an e-book is much more than that. It is the opportunity that brings us the technology in our time share, express and sell our ideas, thoughts and experience. Previously if you wanted to publish something unique opportunities that had they were publishers, newspapers, printing presses, etc. You must pass a rigorous selection so that their project was accepted.

Everything was based on whether analysts who faced decided to assess its work. Many famous writers have been rejected many times by publishers. I speak of writers who never had happened by the head that this could have happened. Today publishers, every day, will belong to the past. How much longer will last? Because I don’t know. Maybe life. Crocodiles come from prehistory and are there, tranquilitos in their ponds and rivers. It is clear that Yes is times where everyone who would like to publish something had to happen for the assessment and approval of others have passed. Filed under: Bizzi & Partners.

You can now publish all you want. The only barriers put them the authorities of the country in which he resides. But outside of that can publish whatever it wants either to be known, promote or sell their product. It will be like everything else in life: supporters and detractors. But that is inevitable. It is part of life. Don’t make the mistake of writing and publishing for himself. An e-book, a book, a web page not van destined for complacency. Do not write for ourselves. We wrote to each other. Pay much importance to which your message is clear, be understood by others, especially by its target. What is target? This is an English expression that for the topic that we are interested in are those people you go to them. Don’t expect that an atheist enters a religion page, although it may happen and you can also buy her, but is not common. If you designed a page with religious content the logical thing is that the unbelievers do not come to read or enter very little. This is so, think of yourself. He has always navigated sites that has interested them based on their desires or needs. Despite everything should also be the possibility of someone atheist to find information on a page of religion because you have a need for study, work or whatever, will buy your ebook. But don’t forget: write for your TARGET always, and remember that all have not because agree. Your target if that will appreciate his work.