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Holidays on a farm in the Oberallgau or in a holiday apartment in the Allgau the trigger can be real estate in one of the most beautiful areas of Germany to seek their own real estate in the Allgau. A holiday in the Allgau, the borderland between Plains and mountains, near Austria and the Switzerland, puts guests in summer and winter in a fairy tale world. Whether skiers or hikers, whether by bike or on foot, everyone on his Kosten.Zahlreiche there lifts and cableways are in the Allgau region available to develop nature and grounds for. The Allgau-Walser-card, a free amenity of many hosts, a winter holiday in the Oberallgau makes specially even more attractive! You once met the fresh air and the wonderful climate in the Allgau as tenant of a city apartment in Dusseldorf, as owner of a condo in Dresden, a demolition estate in Nuremberg, as homeowners in Wolfen, or as a potential buyer without House and grounds, you won’t want to go home. The Allgau fascinated with mountains and valleys, nature itself formed the Allgau infinitely beautiful. From the glittering Constance up over the hilly pre-Alpine landscape up to the Alpine Majesties in the South.

The Allgau is not only a holiday trip, in the Allgau region it is worth living. Would you sell a property in the Allgau region or rent? Are you looking for a new home in southern Germany or a good investment? Do you need a traffic valuation of real estate in the Oberallgau? Do you need professional support around the object maintenance? Or are just looking for”a new residence for the second half of life; as equivalent to previous employment – and income-rich existence? Then inquire in detail about the apartments, single-family homes, farms, vacation homes or other real estate, which are to rent or buy in the Allgau. But to build a house in the Allgau region, the use of force, energy, and money. Own real estate in one of the to build Germany’s most beautiful areas, enjoy retirement there and stretch out the legs on an ornate fireplace, to drink a glass of good wine from Hungary with family or friends, to meet the near Switzerland, Austria, the Rhine Valley or Lake Constance region at leisure with the caravan or motorhome or continue to explore, the ultimate, the Summit of life can be. If you have a vacation home or other real estate, takes his retirement plans into their own hands. Attractive plots of land and houses in one of the most beautiful regions of Germany lose the value and are a good basis for life permanently.


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