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Mortgage Market and World Economic Crisis

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Although, if you delve deeper into this question, it is clear that in Russia, the crisis affected the real estate market is not so much. The global financial crisis is affecting mostly in the mortgage market, although it also affected the financial aspect some developed countries. The money that was invested in the Russian housing market, previously had two sources – foreign investment and the investment of Russian citizens. With the onset of the crisis the share of foreign investors, finance significantly decreased, which is understandable. But without looking at it, remained the share of Russian investors, who also is big enough.

Therefore, experts say, changes in the property market will be, but not too large. In the field of buying and selling of housing change are already visible – housing is cheaper. However, people do not hurry to invest in real estate finance, as the unknown future price developments in the housing market. As for the rental market, there is, as analysts say that major changes should not be. Major changes in the market rent has never happen in the short term, in addition, rent is always in demand. So that the finances spent in this area will serve as a good investment, even compared to the general confusion, which was created by the global economic crisis. It can be seen and reduced demand for real estate, which is due to the fact that many buyers are waiting for t greater price reductions, which resulted in a financial crisis. Experience shows that after a significant drop in the price level on real estate, no matter what was the cause of this, then the price will still begin to climb.

And probably also occur in this time, the only question of time. Therefore, some investors are holding back in anticipation of finance even lower prices. But by itself induces reduced demand both sellers and lessors of real estate even more to lower prices. But reduction still small – 3-7% compared to last summer. However, despite these trends, the collapse of the real estate market is not expected. Indeed, about 60% of operations with respect to sale and rent – this is alternative transaction of private owners. And people consistently strive to improve their living conditions. But if the drop in prices will be as stable dynamics, it is projected to cost could fall by 8-12% until the end year, a year later% reduction can reach up to 20-25%. But again, you can not do much long-term forecasts.


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