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The use of the computer is a basic resource, opening spaces for its formation, favoring limitless access and serving as a way of interaction with the other, propitiating its development and learning. It is an important tool of equalization of chances and promotion of the social inclusion. It is to verify itself that projects and initiatives of institutions exist that give support services and provide (inside of its possibilities) access to the information and this technology with the purpose to answer to the necessities of each individual and to make possible its interaction with the computer as of the school cited in the article. Carrying through a work, since early, with visual deficient children we will be able to become them apt and safer in carrying through all the tasks of the daily e, in a future, to assist it knot work market. However, the acquisition of tools, equipment and devices and materials auxiliary problematic must to the high costs. Ahead of the information raised throughout the work, the pupil with visual deficiency is subject of social rights and responsibilities, as much how much excessively.

They must be granted same chances of social participation, according to its capacities of performance, without discrimination. Initiatives of support and digital inclusion are perceived. However, we do not have to leave to reflect on the possibilities to guarantee to the deficient appearances permanent and constant access to these so necessary technologies for its process education/learning and integration to the society. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES ALVES, Rubem. The school of that always I dreamed without thinking that it could exist.


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