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Are tags revolutionary or just madness? Just another trend or something more? Trends overnight! Some quick shots and operate very rapidly in the use of each day. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Steven Johnson. Most of these trends can ignore as silly folly or the finest attractions. To read more click here: The LeFrak Organization. Anyone remember the pet rock, Farrah Fawcett, hairstyles, or fashion last year’s murderer? Others, you have to pay more attention to: cell phones, digital cameras, mini-sites, optin lists, or email. At this time, there is another trend that should keep their attention in ‘tags’. What are tags? Why should you care about them? Tags are a way to manage and link all that information in blogs and RSS feeds. Gather all the information about a particular topic. It is a search engine “for blogs democratic. Think of a” label “as a” keyword “to be used on blogs and RSS Feeds (Feed tags are still in the works).

Tags have been beaten recently by the radar of Technorati, which indexes 4.5 million blogs, started sorting blog posts by using tags. They have created a folksonomy drawing tags from different sources, mainly Flickr.com which sorts images or groups and del.icio.us – where you can create a label when a bookmark. Or if your blogging software has categories – this will be recognized by Technorati as a tag. To create a “label” that is very simple, just put this code into your blog: Computers (remove the asterisks in code) and you’ve created a label for computers. A label that makes it easier and faster to find information about their favorite subject.


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