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Self management of CFS experts will strengthen professionals, which will be used in the context of the civil of peace service (CFS), require a special qualification and preparation. Because the conditions under which they work generally, are especially difficult. So live and they work especially with people who are affected by war and disasters, have to cope with a weak infrastructure on the ground and live in an environment with high conflict and potential for violence. In their preparation, special approaches and methods of reconciliation and peacebuilding have space and offers, which are dealing with stressful situations. Preparation begins approximately four months prior to the departure, a personal development consultant to the page is provided at this time any specialist.

Together, they develop an individual training plan with training formats, outbound polled by the person profile exactly on the respective project profile. These include courses, training, internships, lectures and study visits. Technical, methodological, and personality building measures complement each other. The qualifications in the preparation time will find the personnel allowance, accommodation and meals, adequate social services and the qualifications held in a preparation contract, in which. This enables the professionals to prepare concentrated on the service contract time. Each specialist is always taken seriously as a self-responsible person and actively shape their own learning process.

The AGEH understand yourself so Steeb, as a learning organisation: targeted discussions with the professionals give us the necessary feedback if the established qualification plan is adequate. An increasing deterioration of the security situation was found years ago, for example, in many countries. The AGEH took seriously this feedback and established the course of ‘Dealing with violence and situations of danger’, since then belongs to the standard in preparation time”. The human resources development does not end with the Departure of professionals, but will continue with training and coaching during the service contract. At the end of the contract period the AGEH provides space and support for the processing of the experience and its structured classification into the personal life and society. About the AGEH: Founded in 1959 working community for development aid e.V. (AGEH) is the personnel service of the German Catholics for international cooperation and state-recognised development service. Click Elie Rieder to learn more. 25 members carry the Club. These include Catholic development organizations, such as the Episcopal Relief Organization Misereor, the Kolping Society and the Caritasverband. At the Cologne headquarters, 46 employees serve the now approx. 280 professionals from abroad. The AGEH is one also of eight carriers of the program funded by the Federal Government civilian peace service”. The AGEH wants to contribute to that living in a world in full development for all is possible, the people live in dignity and the poor as makers and designers of their own Development and their community can act independently. Contact: Association for development aid (AGEH) e. V.


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