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If this solution does not fit, it is proposed by fixing material to establish a small distance from the wall a large mirror and use it as a cover behind which will accommodate hanger with clothes and shoes. If you are not too closely, instead of a single cabinet can accommodate several individual pieces of furniture: shoe cabinets, standing coat rack for coats, ottoman for pereobuvaniya. The layout of individual items of furniture in the hallway can be different: a straight line (linear) – in the form of a small wall, corner – with the obligatory presence of the angular element, free, or unfixed. If the size and financial capacity allows, you can buy a set of furniture, offered in furniture showrooms. Usually it consists of one or Bivalve the cabinet, hangers, shelves for hats, shoe cabinets, chest of drawers and mirror above.

Also in the hall should provide seat – a stool, ottoman or bench. Picking up furniture, we will not forget that it must comply with style solution hallway and vestibule itself – the whole house. The materials in the manufacture of furniture for the hallways are commonly used modern particleboard, MDF and other plates with coating of natural veneer and polymers, laminates and melamine. It is clear that this furniture is unlikely to look good in an apartment furnished with expensive furniture, cabinet, solid wood. Here will suit the more expensive models furniture for the hallways.

Anyone not satisfied with the presence of furniture in the hallway, can hang on the walls of the shelf for hats, hooks for bags and a mirror. Hallways are often equipped with various devices for Storage-specific 'street' of things: zontoderzhatelyami, "Karaman" for gloves, trays for small items, hooks, shelves, etc. Wall shelves for hats are fastened directly to the wall, practically does not take place and therefore easy to use. It is worth noting that many of these ceilings extend into the kitchen, kitchen design that gives a new breath. Bottom, they can be equipped with hooks for clothes, being both hangers. The market offers the set of products made from different materials (glass, wood, chrome, steel) and quite original in design decisions.


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