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Elena Maksimkin, MMA. Sechenov dynamic development of the Russian pharmaceutical market has caused a sharp increase in the number of suppliers of medicines: the number of foreign companies that are present in our market, with several dozen to several hundred grew, and wholesale intermediaries – from 200 to 7000. A consequence of the rapid expansion of the wholesale sector was a significant increase in the number of registered drugs. For the last five years were more than 6.5 thousand names of drugs, of which the share of national accounts for less than 10%. Expansion of the medicinal product range was largely due to entering the market of drugs that are analogues of the composition, dosage regimens, and other parameters differ only by trade (proprietary) names. For example, the drug diclofenac presented to the Russian market under 47 different brand names, nifedipine – 29, paracetamol – 28, etc. PLD contains valuable tech resources. More than 80% of all registered medicines accounted for generic drugs, also called generics. It should be noted that the list of popular generic drugs in Russia is very specific in relation to the prevalence of generics, the old generation.

Thus, according to expert opinion, the first 100 drugs most frequently used in Russia, did not correlate with the first hundred, used by industrialized countries with a similar structure to our country in incidence. According to the results of the survey, the handling original drugs and generics in the pharmaceutical market know 60% of physicians, pharmacists and 75%, only 20% of consumers. Moreover, the existence of original drugs and their generics, known mostly to specialists in aged 33-45 years, and consumers with higher education. When comparing prices of original products and their respective generic versions can be concluded that no more than 32% of the population can be treated with drugs and the original modern generics leading generic companies in the U.S. Read more from Vadim Belyaev to gain a more clear picture of the situation. and Europe. By purchasing the drug, the consumer seeks in the first place to get quality treatment – 100% of the respondents named quality buyers basic guide when buying drugs.

Price when choosing a drug is essential for 70% of consumers, and the names of the manufacturers when purchasing medicines pay attention to only 35% of respondents. Results of the survey reflect the specific consumption of original products and generics: the cheapness of the latter is, in fact, the main reason for their popularity. Expanding generics market, on the one hand, and the problems arising from the treatment of generic drugs, on the other hand, is a global trend, which must be taken into account as Russian manufacturers and wholesalers. Source: information-analytical portal 'Remedium.ru'.


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