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EPHH Screwdriver

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Phillips screwdriver turn away screw trehplechego lever choke … … And, while holding the lever, remove the mounting bracket of the spring. Remove the lever with thrust … … And its spring. Phillips screwdriver turn away two screws holding the throttle body … …

And remove it. Remove the heat insulating lining. Using a screwdriver turn away from broad-bladed body jet fuel system idle … … And remove it. Take out the main jet of idling of the case. Remove the rubber O-ring case.

Blade screwdriver, turn away the screw-valve accelerator pump. Remove the accelerator pump sprayer to the valve and gaskets made of soft metal. Blade screwdriver, turn away the main air jet of the first chamber. Extract from the channel emulsion tube of the first chamber. If the emulsion tube itself does not drop out, then screw into it (not deep!) Screw and remove the tube. Similarly, extract the tube of the second camera. Blade screwdriver, turn away the main fuel jets … … Housing and the fuel jet in the transitional system. Take out the main jet from the case. Phillips screwdriver turn away four screws attaching the cover of the accelerator pump. Remove the lid, iris, and accelerator pump spring. Screwdriver handle gently pulling away from a small diffuser housing carb … … And remove them. Phillips screwdriver turn away two screws holding the case to the pneumatic valve EPHH carburetor. Remove the pneumatic valve housing with bracket EPHH microswitch. Remove the bracket microswitch. Remove the gasket body pneumatic valve. Phillips screwdriver turn away two screws pneumatic valve cover mounting … … And remove the cover. Using a screwdriver with a narrow blade of the screw turn away quality … … And remove it … Remove the rubber O-ring screw. Removing the throttle body parts 2107-1107010 carburetor similar operations shown in the carburetor 2140-1107010-70, before assembling wash jets, emulsion tubes and transient, the channels cover and the carburetor housing acetone and blows compressed air. Jets first and second chambers have different bandwidth and each must be installed in its place. Putting the carburetor in the reverse order. taken from the car book


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