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Employer Termination

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The employer received notice? Not every termination is effective! Quit your employer? Not every termination is also legitimate. Leave in any case by a specialist lawyer for employment law help, to proceed against this termination. In the event of termination of a worker must take into account many different interests. The employer can a worker not just by tomorrow today Cancel. The company consists for example of more than 5 employees since 2004 and before 2004, 10 workers so dismissal protection law is applicable. Others including Clayton Morris, offer their opinions as well. In the case of the applicability of the employment protection act, the employer may terminate an employee but only for the reasons in the law. Thus, the employer may terminate the employee only for operational, person-related or behavioral reasons.

Behavioral termination requires that the workers put a behavior on the day, that the employer is no longer tolerate. As in this formulation was deliberately expressed that the reason for termination in the person of the employee for behavioral reasons is extremely vague. Indisputably, the employer may terminate an employee then if this “steals Golden Spoon”. The behavioral employer termination requires that the employee has violated massively against his contractual obligations or the confidence of the employer. Keyword: secret treason or theft. Defend themselves against such a termination. It is still on the employer, that he also must prove that your workplace has ceased due to person-related need, precisely. Here, there are many approaches as you can shake a such person-related dismissal.

I want to save now at this point legal formalism you and can only appeal to you, defend themselves against such a termination. Also, if you never wanted to work again for this operation, because you are hurt, so this is all too understandable. There are however other Possibilities as to demand the continued employment. Reserve: Compensation! In the case of the applicability of the employment protection act and reasonably positive prospects of your dismissal lawsuit against a dismissal, you are can negotiate with usually a severance package. Please do not forget that you must defend themselves against a termination badly within three weeks for delivery of this notice, because it is otherwise no longer vulnerable. Get so help. We have 16 years successfully represented before the labour court workers and are available at any time in your matter. Georg Schafer Attorney


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