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Defrauded Real Estate Investors Rely

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Last night, at about the same time when the defendants in the case of the so-called 'Terrastroyinvesta' of fraud in the construction of apartment houses along the street Pritytsky returned from court Pervomaisky district in the jail cell and got ready for supper in the hall of the house of culture tonkosukonnogo combine serious passions were running high. Several hundreds of defrauded real estate investors to decide how and where they live. Emotions were beaten by edge: in the hall even been calls to go out and make a protest The proposal for such action was made when attending the meeting and. Fr. Head of Housing Policy Mingorispolkom Alexander Hornet and deputy chief of staff Alexander Frunze district Dovgalo almost plain text explained the victims, most of them have to rely only on themselves and left the event. Facilities zaburlil and the chairman of gs 'deluded citizens, interest holders' Basil a lot of sweat to calm the perturbed directness officials members of society.

Basil Adamovich persuaded the victims at the hands of crooks do not rush to meetings and to continue the dialogue with the authorities. The problem is that officials in this case can not jump over your head and allow yourself to go beyond existing legislation. In contrast to the president. Recall, April 20 this year, Alexander , in his annual address to the nation and the parliament, said: "acute problem that has arisen on the basis of housing, are defrauded real estate investors. Only in Minsk them already There are over five hundred people.


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