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Looking into the past, we can follow that with time, with the development of science and technology, there are all new and new building materials and technologies. The famous engineer, architect Eiffel, to realize their own, in fact, a unique project that showed people the earth with a bird's eye and the sky above big cities with skyscrapers pierced the tower of glass and concrete. However, despite all this, even today in the xxi century, the century of computer technologies and Multilevel Information Systems, a tree, like many thousands of years ago, has found application as a unique building material – laminated veneer lumber and laminated beams. I'm sure many even ever heard of these construction materials, but hardly anyone thought about the question: 'And what is the best laminated veneer lumber as compared to conventional wood? ". Resort to the help of expert opinion and, above all, look at what is called laminated veneer lumber.

That's what gives us the definition of the project Glossariy.ru: 'Multi-laminated timber – carrying a constructive element, made of wooden planks, glued together in parallel to the grain. " In other words, laminated board created by gluing wooden slats (design elements) with special adhesives so that the fiber slats arranged alternately in different directions. This is primarily provides strength and reliability of construction materials, as well as eliminates the 'pasting' timber by physical or isothermal exposures. Despite the fact that the building materials made of laminated wood appeared long enough in Russia, they began to gain its popularity only in the last 3-4 years. In Western countries and in Europe a lot of people prefer wooden houses from glued beams rather than "boxes" of glass and concrete. I'd like to hope that our country is in the future, too, will become a trend. Because overseas comfort of your home, and even more home from laminated veneer lumber, environmentally friendly building material – it symbol of security and prestige. Today, it is difficult to talk about any accurate forecasts for the construction of wooden houses in Russia, but it is already clear that the industry simply is growing at a frantic pace, the annual turnover companies multiplied several times, but as always critically-minded experts, in this case, predicting the market of construction materials from laminated veneer lumber 4-carat growth already this year.


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