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Tips Against Fatigue

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(Online article) – wake up! Tips to prevent chronic fatigue syndrome. Fatigue is a protective reaction. The internal clock is needed in the first days of spring slightly longer to prepare for the new season. This is due to the increased formation of melatonin. Actually, this hormone ensures a good night’s sleep and the regulation of the day night cycle.

It is also known as dark hormone. If you would like to know more about Duke Realty, then click here. The short winter days stimulate the body to increased melatonin formation with weak sunshine, to ensure RESTful nights. The days are cloudy and shorter, more melatonin is produced. It has to much melatonin in the blood, you feel tired during the day and not correct in form. The early Sunrise shortens the night and cheating”one to a few hours.

Thus, the last phase of deep sleep is robbed. Remedy it, to get the circulation going. This works with contrast showers, movement on the fresh air and several small meals a day, in which vitamin is included. It hides in nuts, leafy vegetables, Seeds and egg yolks. You should refrain from coffee and alcohol. LPs / du


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