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This Summer Rental Of Accommodation Will Have A Price Of 267 Euros Per Person And Day

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According to the study by Muchosol, leading portal of rental apartments and holiday homes, rental of tourist accommodation shall comprise an average of 26.7 euros per person and day in the months of July and August. Last year the average rent in the same months stood at 28 euros on average per person per day, so the average price has dropped by 4.6%. The provinces with the lowest prices are Zaragoza which has a price average of 9.3 euros, Madrid with 15.8 euros, Huesca with an average of 16.2 euros and Castellon with 16.7 average euros. On the other hand, the provinces with higher prices are Balearic Islands which has an average EUR 64.6, Guipuzcoa with 49.5 average euros, Lleida with a 40.3 average price and Cadiz that is priced at EUR 39.4. The intermediate provinces have an average between 16 and 35 euros.

A stay in a furnished accommodation in Catalonia will cost 28 euros on average. For its part, in the Valencian Community the average is 20 euros per person and day, in the Canary Islands, 24 euros and in Andalusia, 29 EUR for this summer. The price has dropped by 39% in Fuerteventura (from 32,7 to 19,9 euros), price in Huelva has fallen by 14% (from 34 to 29.3 euros) and the price of the province of Girona has fallen by 21.6% (from 25 to 19.6 euros). In other provinces the price has increased although with very low percentages: Teruel has risen 22.6% (from 16.8 to 13 euros), Pontevedra rose 6% (22.8 to 24.3 euros) and in Castellon the price has risen 5.3 per cent (from 15.8 to 16.7 euros). Apartments & houses for rent remains among the cheaper options to stay during the summer holidays. About Muchosol Muchosol is the portal of reference in Spain in rentals of houses and apartments since it has more than 5,000 accommodation distributed all over. Furthermore, it gives the tourist the ease of booking accommodation in 5 minutes and with instant confirmation. Information about the study universe: 121.998 holiday accommodation to rent in Spain (source: INE) shows: 6476 (source: accommodations) available in ITSolutions in Spain June 2011) sampling Error: 1.