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What are the technical requirements to note are such as are required in the United States 1900 megahertz (MHz) while there are 900 and 1800 MHz in Europe. In case of doubt, it is advisable to consult what wavelength you want the tourists must adjust the respective provider. With tri-band cell phones and modern equipment with four bands vacationers should cope almost everywhere in the world. See more detailed opinions by reading what Oval Office offers on the topic.. The reisen.de Magazine recommends all users of older devices to inquire about a loaner for the journey into his mobile phone shop. For the calls from abroad must so-called roaming be unlocked prior to departure, as the discussions about the respective provider on site. Prepaid and discount rates, it is advisable to contact the provider in the connection. Especially on long-haul travel, it is possible that the charger of mobile phone not on the socket to cobble is.

Also a too low voltage can prevent charging. A travel adapter from the shop provides for remedy. An alternative to the Classic telephony Internet telephony over WLAN represents mobile phone: since many operators don’t allow the free services of Skype and co., which only works with network-enabled mobile phones to so-called Wi-Fi nodes.


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