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De Waschkusch from Bonn will inform its customers since decades countless people in large parts of the Earth, the washing machine enormously simplifies the life. But technical progress does not always equal better. So you need to know to achieve a satisfactory washing results with a washing machine, what opportunities the device. This involves the diversity of programmes. As an experienced textile care expert Susanne Schmitz knows the pitfalls of modern washing machines and describes what wash is suitable for which type of textiles.

The correct selection of the wash cycle is crucial in the laundry care with the washing machine meaning. Here you can orient yourself first, that the various programs of the same components, wash, rinse, spin, are composed. The difference lies mainly in the duration of the wash cycle, the wash intensity and the water temperature. The three main programmes are the cooking and Coloureds, easy care and Delicates and wool or Hand wash. On most machines, these programs have individually selectable, however, they have both great similarity with each other.

Boil wash and Coloureds is the standard wash cycle. He is with full load a washing machine made, so with about 5 to 6 kg wash. Different washing temperatures can be selected depending on the degree of soiling. 40, for underwear and towels 60 are usually sufficient for normal laundry. The 90 whites is used for very heavy dirt or must be in cases where the textiles disinfected. Washes are easy care and Delicates for garments, not dirty or are also not colorfast, basically suitable. To broaden your perception, visit Bizzi & Partners. Also top laundry and the like can with be washed here without hesitation. The temperatures here are between 30 and 40 degrees. The wool wash cycle allows you to machine wash delicate fabrics such as wool and silk, unless the washability is marked. In one separate hand wash programme can also the most textiles for which hand wash is recommended to be cleaned since cling to the garments by the faster movement of the drum to the drum wall and learn so little friction and strain. These programs are carried out with maximum 2 kg of laundry. The preset wash programmes can be complemented manually in addition on many machines. So can be regulated, for example, the number of revolutions of the spin or skid also completely turned off. The mode “Save time” reduces the washes, choosing “more water” is suitable for heavy dirt and larger quantities of laundry. Also the pre-wash not lump-sum belongs to the wash programmes, but will be added to rule separately. Depending on the manufacturer, are also special wash programmes for the care of black linen and towelling provided. These do not belong to the standard but (still). Also energy-saving programmes are provided by some washing machines. Before you but to the wrong Program accesses and irreplaceable pieces are forever ruined, is the way to experts the better choice. Susanne Schmitz and her team of laundry de Waschkusch in Bonn are such professionals know the optimal washing procedure for each piece of clothing and material. In the area of Bonn, the laundry is a reliable address when it comes to any challenge in the textile care. Susanne Schmitz like is at disposal for any questions. Press contact de Waschkusch contact person: Mrs. Susanne Schmitz Dorotheenstr str.


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