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Remember that in any warehouse shall be introduced a system of automation of trade, maintain a list of bar codes, not only for goods but also for the rest of the identifiable storage facilities (places storage, personnel, etc.). This system must be able to interact with readers at any stage of storage process technology, to create and process data packets to react adequately to possible deviation, etc. Thus, the partial implementation of technology can take place in two ways. In the first option item with a bar code is completely separated from the main goods traffic. And this separation must strictly follow. Base barcodes in this case occurs only for bar coded products. In the second version of the database of bar codes generated for all goods, and marked only the goods for which you need to follow most closely. All the remainder of the goods during the execution of operations in the warehouse can be entered manually into the terminal, or its bar code is scanned with a blank document.

There are other factors which directly depends on the decision to use bar coding on each individual enterprise. At this directly affects the price bar-coded by product, the pace of the warehouse, the quantitative range of products, the visual similarity of the nomenclature of positions, the need for strict control of expiration dates or serial numbers of goods. Morris Invest gathered all the information. No need to use bar coding, if the cost of marking more than a total loss of business from errors during manual handling goods. In general, if you draw a conclusion from all this, it turns out that not every stock needs to use bar coding. The use of paper targets at many stores – this is the first step toward automation warehouse work. Such commercial equipment like barcode scanners, always at work in the warehouse, and not only. With it you can quickly take into account the entire product to determine its precise location, and in general to simplify zavskladom work.


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