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Updating Education With Technology

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The demands of scientific advances, rapid technological development, opening up new competitive scenarios, new trade agreements, social pressures, the effect of globalization, that companies encounter shows the need for good education policy towards training and developing its human resources. That’s what has been called “education or training” The fact that in the reality of the here and now of different economic scenarios, commercial, as questions are raised: How should the company deal with the education of their people? How must be programmed? What, and specifically, who should be given priority? What methods should be used and why it is appropriate for business? What is involved in it? Are some questions to be addressed by management. Those who have been interested on these topics have commented that lifelong learning should be designed for both young people who complete their academic studies and entering the labor market as adults.

In the first case, it must be conceived as a necessary and vital complement to those studies that allow updating in line with technological development, new models and skills that are demanded, is stressed to point out that this criterion should guide the continuing education of adult staff, which as you know already has a broad educational base, but many times is outdated because of a lack of updating, not to mention that the psychology of the adult and his frame of reference may require methodological adjustments, in addition to motivational stimuli to avoid injecting resistance to change..


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