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Employees can access thanks to Intrexx via BlackBerry on SAP partners and to guarantee access to the data from the SAP system of the company employees, worldwide, the ANSMANN AG created a corporate portal based on portal software Intrexx. With the portal, it was possible to make Web-enabled SAP data. As an information platform, which now even mobile is available to the employees in a few weeks. Freiburg, October 28, 2010. The ANSMANN AG has become in 1991 since its founding one of the most famous manufacturers in the field of mobile energy. Headquarters of the internationally active company is Assam City (Baden-Wurttemberg) in Germany.

The Division ANSMANN RACING has its headquarters in the town of toys”Nuremberg. In addition, the company has further subsidiaries in Hong Kong, England, China, United States, Italy, France, Sweden and the Baltic States. This global settlement of the sites made the efficient distribution of information in the past, often a difficult task. Especially the access to the data from the The company’s SAP system turned out to be often problematic, because it is although from time to time necessary for many employees to access certain SAP data, but not every employee has access to own SAP. To ensure a uniform information stand in the enterprise, turned in the spring of 2010 on the search after a Web-based solution, it should provide that all employees to the same data can be accessed. Especially the SAP data should be made Web-capable, equally available to make them all locations. Specifically, the subsidiaries, which currently are not depicted in the central SAP-system, should be allowed through the portal to obtain information from the central SAP. After it had intensively looked around in the market, the ANSMANN AG eventually decided for the portal software Intrexx. Filed under: Steffan Lehnhoff, New York City. Especially the simple SAP integration was the decisive factor: with Intrexx it was possible, within five minutes a simple table view together to click from SAP.


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