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The Story Of Ice Cream

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One of the most popular desserts – we all know and all your favorite ice cream. Now this gorgeous dessert can treat yourself to anyone because this delicious product is already a very long time has become very popular throughout the world. When and who found the formula is so tasty dessert? It is a pity that the name of this genius, nobody knows. Nevertheless, there are several versions of the story of the invention of this delicacy. Some researchers say for the first time this wonderful dessert invented in China, are connected icy juice and milk. To read more click here: dogecoin. Even some scientists in the field of cooking deny this version, as the population Celestial milk was not in love, and China is one of the posledneih places of its consumption. Also, it is likely that ice cream was invented in the desert where the temperature reaches forty degrees Celsius.

It has long been known that the Persians dug deepest cellars filled in icy chunks of snow are brought from the mountains. For more information see this site: Clayton Morris. In these cellars, moreover, that kept a variety of products, but also to prepare a dessert called "Faludi" – a mixture of fruit, nuts, noodles, strawberry juice with ice pinned. That dessert could easily be the first example of ice cream. Still, reputable scientists believe that ice cream recipe appeared in Italy. Let's look at the technology that was famous in Italy for several centuries: milk beat in the vessel, which was put into another container filled with ice and salt (salt is taking, the warmth of a mixture designed for freezing). Melt the ice mass was poured and added a new batch of ice and salt.

That technology allows you to make dessert for over some two hours. France brought the recipe for ice cream in 1533 Catherine de 'Medici, who married Henry ii. But the first cafe in Paris started to please the citizens only a half-century. It was opened by a simple fisherman from Italy, Francesco Procopio Koltelli Dee (1651-1727), he inherited left the machine for whipping cream. After a while the owner was able to get the royal patents many desserts are in the menu only in its cafes. Cafe visited such well-known throughout the world, people xviii – xix centuries, as Rousseau, Diderot, Robespierre, Georges Sand, Balzac, Napoleon, and many others. But our country learned about this dessert by Italian traveler Julius Litta, who came to Russia back in 1789 to strengthen the Black Sea Fleet. After all, Litta opened Russian cooks recipe for ice cream. In 1843, the English girl Nancy Johnson patented a hand-held device for making ice cream, but because of financial difficulties, sold the patent to people from the States. Already in 1851 a plant in Baltimore issued the very first batch of ice cream in the world. In 1897 , Alfred Krall patented spoon and shape for ice cream. A first in the light of the tube with ice cream was manufactured in 1904, all in the same America. As soon as the electricity simplify the task of saving ice cream, because eventually invented the first refrigerator. And in 50 years of 20 century, invented the first electric ice cream makers, with their help you can already mix and freeze all milk supply. Recipes and production methods so popular dessert to improve every month, and in 1990 came up with the thick ice of the highest class, which continues to delight us to this day.


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