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Here is a sample layout. Lodging will cost from 500 (if you live in a dorm) to 1000 (if you shoot a one-room apartment) francs a month. Around 500 Swiss francs will be spent on food. About 200 francs you need to pay for textbooks, medical insurance, etc. Amounts as you see, are significant, but they are about the same, what you have to spend studying in the same in England or the USA.

And it should be noted that to achieve a Swiss college scholarships is easier than in any English-speaking country. Now, about the quality of education. Switzerland long ago have joined the Bologna process, so you can get a higher education that meets world standards. There are 10 cantonal University and the top two polytechnic schools in Zurich and Lausanne. Tell me more about the Lausanne Polytechnic or how to Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne (EPFL). The school was established in 1969 based on Technical School at the University of Lausanne, which existed from 1853. Currently the school offers academic laboratories equipped with modern equipment (some of which are considered the best in Europe). The school invites the most famous professors from around the world, so about half of the teachers at EPFL – foreigners.

Approximately 40% of students in school also foreign nationals. Based on these realities, many programs read in English. French is the language you can learn here in school, at special rates. Take to school everyone. Semester fee of 633 francs. For Russian students, just graduated from school, need additional training before beginning to take special mathematics courses Cours de Mathematiques Speciales, CMS. Studying at EPFL very tough. To the finish line gets a smaller portion of the students. If you are not passing the examination required number of points, the proposed re-examination with the re-training on this course! If, after this failure, the student is excluded from the blacklisted – ban school in any Swiss university! Total in school five faculties, and the direction of great variety: different trends in engineering, physics, chemistry, materials science, architecture, communication systems, mathematics, computer science, crystallography, bionics, tech: The school Over 250 research groups and laboratories. Not surprisingly, many students dream to create his own company based on our own ideas. In the EPFL is encouraged and for this there developed a scientific park. In short, EPFL releases excellent specialists who know several languages and the latest knowledge!


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