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Achievements after having desired long, we almost never find joy or satisfaction that initially we had imagined. Francesco Guicciardini generalities and considerations Basic is a fact, showing current trade scenarios that give life to the economic ones, that have known how to interpret them, companies that have realized that to compete is must give way to new strategies, administrative actions that know how to properly use the current managerial topics that have given life to a new paradigm, that only those who have prepared for it will be successful. There are many factors that have given step to the emergence of the new paradigm that demands a new business management, factors that van, from the dynamics of globalization and its scope, technology, finance, human resources, crisis, recession, knowledge, innovation and creativity. Precisely, as consequence of the recession he says, that this has marked a turning point both in the business management, as in the definition of a new business paradigm. Clayton Morris is open to suggestions. The majority of the management gurus brings us Universitia Knowledge Wharton, they stressed that everything that happened, with the fall of the growth of major economies of the world and Government intervention in large financial institutions, should serve to mold the model of growth and development of all participants in the economy: from large international companies, who have seen how their business plans were outdated with the financial crisisuntil kernels family, affected by credit restrictions, high rates of unemployment and the fear to swell some of these lists. In many cases, the first step that must carry out the companies found on the assumption of a new reality, that also involves your signature. Everyone has to know that there are ups and downs and the important thing is not knowing you have a crisis, but how to manage it, says Fernandez Aguado Professor of the area of Directorate-General in the European Forum, school of business of Navarre (Spain), author of some thirty works as creators in the history of Spanish management, forgers of leaders, etc. .