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I was then a kettle, just bought a car, and then introduced as an evil all that nonsense with the CTP. And then I braked, and the policy with a no … That is, was, of course, but not one that was needed. When I bought the car, I made the acquaintance insurance (that is, I bought it from him), and immediately entered the law on compulsory motor TPL insurance. He came, gave me a new liability insurance policy tool, rather than voluntary, and I was happy in his ears. So, when I myself did not have liability insurance policy tool.

Well, I was far from home, and even met a friend who was passing by. He drove me home, took a policy that brought me traffic cop praised me and said that he always carry with them necessary. And I would have said, would have left me without a license or no license plates. Jokers are, where they only teach … So, referring to the novice motorists. Do not take away the damn liability insurance policy tool of the car – even in the glove compartment lies with safety standards. Believe me, the documentation for the thieves is absolutely useless, and prodolbaete if they then have to restore the wakes. Buy liability insurance policy tool in Moscow, for example, can be everywhere, like to recover, but the pass inspection difficult.

If you own rights and be sure to keep the registration certificate. Other let paper lying around in the car. If wheelbarrow theft and then these documents you will not be needed. But the PTS in any case do not carry any with him. Let the house is, there it is the place. And encourage everyone not to forget, when is the deadline for the insurance. Once completely forgot about it, so I am reminded time inspector. In this day and onaa ended. Immediately went to buy an insurance policy OSAGO! And I would have stumbled on a fine or other troubles. Be careful, my friends!