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At present, there is a wide technical and scientific production where discusses guidelines preparation and design of documentary tools (taxonomies, thesauri, classification systems, lists of header, subject, etc.) adapted to the new challenges of the digital environment (the cave 1999, Lopez Alonso et al 2000, Shiri and Revie 2000, Garcia Jimenez 2004, among others). The digital environment has opened new prospects to the use and construction of documentary tools of terminological control for representation and retrieval of information, since it enables the reuse and interoperability between applications and resources. However, the consideration of actual cases of thesauri in digital media makes us question whether evolution in the conception of the role of the thesauri for document management, is real bearing in mind a digital environment. Analysis of some thesauri in digital media comes from the persistence of problems that were already present in the printed editions, for example, in the conceptual structure. It is from elements like this observation, we propose as the present communication objectives, analysis of the bases of the conceptual structure of thesauri, the establishment of the problematic elements, who will call pathologies 1(Barite 1995: 41), and the proposal of alternative solutions. This communication takes place in three sections as a result with the above mentioned objectives.

The bases of the general conceptual structure of thesauri in accordance with the latest revisions are presented in the first paragraph, theoretical/practical of them. In the second, problems (pathologies) discusses the conceptual structure of thesauri in digital media (ISOC thesaurus of psychology, UNESCO Thesaurus and EUROVOCThesaurus). In the third section, possible alternatives of solution of the problems analysed from the use of the concepts of ontologies as linguistic resource of first-rate arise for the design and generation of thesauri. Finally the conclusions and future research perspectives are presented. 2. Thesauruses in the documentation the conceptualization of thesaurus that we support considers the thesaurus as a kind of documentary language that represents the conceptual structure of a particular field of knowledge, and provides a semantic organization through the explicitation of the relations established between those concepts of the meaning of the terms that represent them.