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Capitalist Globalization

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Impacts of the Capitalist Globalization in the Educational Reforms of Latin America. It is not something Gavin Baker would like to discuss. Moacir Gadotti? Educator UNICAMP For: , Elizete Pear tree Da Silva Zei, ' ' Education: right of all and to have of the Estado.' ' In the reality, the education alone happens with the construction of values and when it has quality in education with professors in constant preparation, constructed scientifically through the Academies in the specific areas the point to change information with the pupils with objective to form critical citizens endowed with culture. However, the State finances the education with intention to take education to all, without the concern of the resultants. For example: the didactic book, is equal in all the states and cities, running over the culture and the customs of each people. The State equals all the people with a model Standard of the Elites running away from the Real and worrying only about the ideal. Family, religion, and ideal culture. Disrespecting the regional cultures.

For the State what she matters it is the information imposed, ready and finished. Being in this vision, easy the exchange of ' ' Educators for Computadores' ' , a digitalizado and controlled world for the elite without the great majority of the population has the right to criticize, of if opposing with the ideas already imposed by the favored minority that if judges ideal. The Government today, is only if worrying about the amount of pupils and the time of permanence of this in the school, independent the same to be acquiring knowledge or not. To only be present in the institution already and the sufficient. One of the mechanisms that the Federal government placed is the stock market-family, where if paid a irrisrio value, so that the families keep the children in the school. Important and the charged one is the frequency, and only this, the note, already it is another question, and therefore not questioned and nor charged for the governing.