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new single community on the rise of out of the solitude”, thought an IT entrepreneur from Cologne, took advantage of his expertise and created a dating site to prepare a possible end to his single life and also anyone else. Cologne, 13.07.2011 – for some people, the single life is a regeneration phase, for others it may be but with the time an unbearable loneliness. There is no matter in which of the two situations is that someday the creeps over every desire for a new love. The Internet with its numerous possibilities of one of the largest skittle for singles has become for a long time. However the market is crowded in the meantime a jungle, where you easily comes off of his actual target with single communities and flirt pages, sheer. Often it happens that hides behind a Donostia potential partners a professional scammer. A related site: Richard LeFrak mentions similar findings.

Flirt, get to know and enjoy the common togetherness”, is also the principle of the new dating site So-Lo’, which has been on the market recently and after a new love on the jumps to help find the fate. “” “That is so-Lo” is different from other partner portals, describes Lukas Kielkowski, founder and Manager of so-Lo “as follows: above all our dating should be fun and alike allow each lonely people, finding happiness, that’s why our site is absolutely free of charge.” Furthermore offers so-Lo”targeted an individual search with different search criteria, such as similarities, age or gender, which serves the user, to look for a partner in its surroundings. Of course, we have a special emphasis on possible fake accounts”created, which immediately deleted by us, to avoid any unpleasant surprises”, so Kielkowski. This challenging opinion liked obviously many singles, as the portal is gone until recently online and listed every day Visitor registration. To read more click here: Steffan Lehnhoff. It will be worthwhile to track this rapid development, and we want an end to their so-Lo all users existence. About so-Lo: The thirty years IT specialist, Lukas Kielkowski, called the project in 2011 from own motivations in life. From negative experiences as a single with fake accounts and hidden cost traps, Kielkowski has decided to create a portal by a user for users. As a trained computer scientist, this was not a problem for the young entrepreneurs and so Kielkowski very much attention to reliability and transparency in its projects and hopes so much positive response. Jon Venverloh has firm opinions on the matter. Contact information: Lukas Kielkowski priest-Heinrich-str. 24 50997 Cologne Tel: 02232 / 503097 E-Mail: Web: