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Loire Valley

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You want to buy a lock or buy a castle? At ASP real estate you will find numerous castles, fortresses and manor houses for sale in all regions of Europe. The luxury broker ASP real estate in Munich under the direction of Bodo Graf von Hardenberg is to buy the first address in Europe, when it comes to buy a Palace or a castle, to buy a mansion or a hunting lodge owned by noble families, or buy castles with huge estates and a hunt, or even castles in connection with a luxury hotel for many years. Discretion and expertise are the most important features of a successful Castle broker. The most locks are sold discreetly and quietly, to protect the old and new owners. Some locks are but also openly offered and sold, so that the duration of the sales process is drastically of course (open to selling castles: deu_cat_31.html). Locks are as different as normal real estate.

A moated castle never will you on a mountain find a comfortable hunting Castle will be mostly in the middle of forests and Lands, castles were built mostly something spartanischer, difficult to access, and up a hill. A pleasure palace was used for recreational purposes especially outside the major cities, is usually smaller, cozier and slightly more comfortable equipped. ASP offers real estate but also the great classical castles for sale at, with hundreds hectares of land and forest estates, often with a private hunting, or a hunting rights together. These large locks are then also right enterprises with agriculture, forestry, and often also with gastronomy. ASP offers castles in many European countries to buy real estate. Magnificent French castles in the Loire Valley with its own luxury hotel and golf course, a luxury Castle close to Versailles, a hunting Chateau in Burgundy with its own small airfield and noble vineyard.