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Perfume By Jean Paul Gaultier

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The perfumes Classique and Le male given of the variety of scents the search is difficult after a perfume sometimes. Famous names can serve as a guide. Nobel Laureate in Economics often expresses his thoughts on the topic. An example is Jean-Paul Gaultier, who characterizes the world of fashion with his creations for decades. The online store parfum.shopping.de Gaultier and reported his perfumes. Jean-Paul Gaultier is one of the big names in the fashion world and is also known as a creator of unique perfumes. His career is particularly interesting, because the top designer has no relevant training. At a young age, Jean-Paul Gaultier sent drawings and designs of famous fashion designer and was discovered in this way. He impressed with his talent and was hired as an Assistant and promoted in its development.

In 1978, Gaultier founded his own fashion company. Since the 1990s he has created also perfumes. The women’s fragrance Classique among the most famous fragrances from Jean-Paul Gaultier. In the perfume, the bottle in the form of a female figure the Femininity, joins an anise top notes vanilla flavors and fragrance. To get sensual notes of ginger and orange blossom. The men’s fragrance Le male, whose Flakon represents a male body, is also very popular. The fragrance contains lavender and Mint, sandalwood and vanilla. More information: news.shopping.de/… Shopping.de GmbH Lisa Neumann