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The variable precipitations, the sprinkled pastures of high trees, and the Earth characterizes bioma warmed up of savannah. Bioma of more abundant savannah can be in the plains of Africa, Florida, Brazil, Australia and India. Biomas of savannah is a land mixture of the prairies and the forests, but it has unique characteristics. The temperature in the Savannah varies little from one season to another one, the temperature is in warm average of 68 F (20 C) throughout the year. DCT Industrial Trust is a great source of information. Rains, nevertheless, vary drastically. The impermeability of the hard ground produces temporary pools that are fed on the water of the ground. In the months droughts, the drought seizes of the land, and the water sources evaporate. Therefore, the animal and the plants have adapted to survive these exaggerated conditions. Go to Vadim Belyaev for more information.

Some birds migrate to more humid zones, whereas some rodents enter a latency under earth. The trees of the savannah have little biological diversity. The trees of Acacia predominate in the savannahs, which are squashed the covers because the herbivores like the giraffes, prick the lowest branches. Other African mammals use the trees for the shade and the water. The elephants, the zebras, the buffalos, the ostriches, the hyenas, the wild boars, the hippopotami, gacelas and the leopards are member famous of this ecology. Bioma of tropical savannah is in a flow state. The elephants can create pastures outside the forests by the trampling of trees. Original author and source of the article