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Playing In Crisis

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Defining Crisis crisis – a process in which the previously overpriced (acquired prior to the crisis is unrealistic high value) assets are becoming their new, realistic and fair (according to market participants) value. Today's crisis is associated with unreasonably high value assets that have been equated to money, namely: – Shares of different enterprises – Securities – Real Estate * – Currency **. * Real estate was on the list of assets equivalent to the money, because in recent years, investments in real estate were considered the most profitable investment, in addition, growth in mortgage lending in recent years, largely transformed into real estate asset, equated to money. ** The text we will always share the money as an operational resource type and currency as the asset type, which is equated to money. What actually caused the crisis? "Market value" – the present value goods and services, including commodities, stock and currency values, determined on the basis of supply and demand at any given time on the market. Philadelphia Real Estate is likely to increase your knowledge.

/ / Raizberg BA, Lozovsky L. S., Starodubtseva EB current economic Dictionary. 5 ed. Rev. and add. – Moscow: INFRA-M, 2007. To deepen your understanding Philadelphia Real Estate is the source. Nobody, apparently, did not expect that the above assets, equivalent to the money should be something provided. A common mechanism for determining the market value leads to that asset price increases with demand. And indeed, until the demand grew and grew, and cost. At some point, those players who purchased the assets rising in price, want to regain the money with interest.


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