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An innovative sailing from Germany for long Cruiser is becoming an export hit customer satisfaction can be evident by many things. The tip is however achieved when customers and users set up a club to stand up publicly for the product and open others eyes about its benefits. “The long Cruiser Angelika Hellwig and Uwe Oppermann from Essen, who with her 15.10 m long Beneteau Oceanis teatime” are in the Eastern Mediterranean, have a parasailor Club founded, simply, because they are so pleased with the downwind sail of company ISTEC from Landsbried near Munich. Our favorite sailing”, says Uwe Oppermann, nine nodes ride relax can enjoy at three knots of wind.” The teatime “-sailors, while the summer months beautiful sailing trips connect with golfing and take sailors and golfers as Charter guests, belonging to a growing global group by owners who no longer want to miss out on the high-tech sails from German production with.” This was also evident on the recent Atlantic rally for Cruisers (ARC), which is considered the largest sailing regatta across the Atlantic for 25 years. Of the 233 crews from more than 20 Nations aiming at the Caribbean island of St. Lucia started before Gran Canaria sailed 40 with the innovation of ISTEC.

No wonder: With the Parasailor, that is often difficult and not safe for more wind spinnaker sailing downwind to child’s play. An incorporated, characteristic for the sail wing, which is almost identical with a kite or paragliding, stabilizes the Parasailor unlike normal spinnaker in almost all situations themselves. This happens through the back pressure and the buoyancy of the incorporated wing profile of the sail without affecting the optimum propulsion. Well known yachtsman as Bobby Schenk and Jimmy Cornell had discovered shortly after its invention the innovative sailing by ISTEC. Finally a reasonable downwind sail for cruiser, the Parasailor a Turbo for the sailing yacht.


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